Monday, January 11, 2010


I spent only 10 days in the hospital this time. I feel the best I have felt in a long time. I did a PFT and my FEV1 was 24%. I also had 2 CT scans one of my brain and the other my lungs. Good news, my brain is there and normal, bad news, my sinuses are full and infected. No surgery though cause my lungs are not strong enough for general anesthetic. The CT of my lungs, good news they are still there with no deep pockets of fluid or caverns of any kind, bad news, bronchiectisis(?) inflamed and enlarged bronchi which are painful at times. My nurses were awesome though and my Dr is top notch as usual.

Now I am fighting with Osco pharmacy and express scripts to get my TOBI and Pulmozyme covered and either picked up today or sent to me by Wednesday. I spend a hour and a half to get things kind of sorted them out. I am waiting for Osco to call back and let me know we are good to go. This all makes me wonder how hard they are going to be when I get my transplant. I'm already sweating about it.

Always, Ken

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  1. I use Express Scripts, too. Not a bad outfit if you're two steps ahead of them.